Join us in Building Confidence through the fine arts
Multiple Programs for Kids of all ages!

By offering a range of fine arts oriented programs, our students grow with us and enroll in multiple programs. Students who sign up for instrument classes can join our group classes with friends! They also can enjoy our summer camp in the summer time, enroll in our chorus in the winter and when its time for their birthday, they can party with us and all of their friends too.

Offerings for everyone!

Enroll and host multiple children in one class!

A large group of theatrical performers!

Children’s parties with awesome themes!

Programs that keep kids engaged & involved all year round.

DEA Music & Art provides an assortment of programs that cover the fine arts. Musical instrument lessons, visual arts programs, musical theater and rock band programs! Rounding out our fine arts offering to students we have summer camp programs, chorus and any of our themes can be adapted to help celebrate and host kid’s parties too!

Recitals, Fundraisers, Exams, Competitions, Local Community Events, Holidays, National anthem performance
... And More!
      Our philosophy

      Music is the only word pronounced the same way around the globe. It is a universal language that explores emotions that transcend cultural background, religion, and race, reaching into the deepest parts of the human soul. The visual arts invite us to see the world through many eyes, to challenge the difference between right and wrong, good and bad and they relate the future to the past through the present.
      Music and art question the way we look at the world; because they offer different explanations of that world. This enriched living experience is what we teach in our classroom.

      DEA Music & Art studios are run by musicians and artists who have dedicated their lives to music and the arts, actively performing, exhibiting and teaching. Each and every student in our care benefits from tailor made music and art instruction that meets all the aspirations as well as carefully constructed performing and exhibiting platforms to help with that extra ingredient much needed in life, confidence. Through music and art, our students achieve life goals, such as public speaking skills, confidence and high self-esteem.

      We ensure that the time spent with us is filled with new and useful learning experiences. We believe that our performance platforms provide a constant exposure to learning. Our students are the future and the next generation of listeners, artists and musicians, so acquainting them with networks of music and art is a central focus of our work at the school.

      Does our philosophy resonate with you? Join our growing team.

      Meet The Founder -Magi Kapllani

      The first studio was established in 2003 in Staten Island with just 8 students and quickly grew to require additional instructors to meet demand from parents who were seeking this type of music and arts education for their children.

      Originally named in honor of Magi Kapllani’s parents: Dizdari Education Academy or DEA for short, pays homage and tribute to the classical training she received as a young child forming a love of the fine arts before she was even in elementary school.

      In 2011, Magi opened a second studio in Willowbrook area of Staten Island and in 2016 a third studio on Page Avenue in the Tottenville section of the New York island. She has been appointed Honorary Director of the associated DEA Music Academy which currently operates in two locations in London.

      In 2019, with a dream to help others open their own studio, the DEA Music & Arts brand became a part of the growing after school enrichment franchise industry. If you have been seeking the right fit for your future, owning your own business, DEA Music & Art is a place where you can thrive, sharing your love for music, art and education with aspiring youth artists in your community.

      Invest in your own DEA Music & Art

      Startup Costs

      $136,700 - $215,400
      Including Initial Franchise Fee

      Initial Franchise Fee

      $30,000 for 2nd studio, $25,000 for 3rd

      On-going Royalty

      7% of Gross Revenues
      Paid Monthly

      Brand Development Fund

      1% of Gross Revenues
      Local Marketing of $2,000/month.


      $125 / Month
      This Covers scheduling and management up to 500 students in your studio


      3-mile radius
      Or, up to 200,000 in population to enable access to studio by parents and students

      Grand Opening

      Pre-opening funds committed to business launch 30 days prior and 60 days after opening

      Initial Franchise Training for DEA Music & Art owners lasts 5 days and is conducted in Staten Island, NY in one of our studios.  Pre-opening training provides owners and studio managers insight into the Day to Day operations, how to choose the right curriculums and programs from the DEA Music & Art library, marketing tactics for establishing enrollment as well as overall financial and studio management best practices. 

      We offer additional in-studio support once your DEA Music & Art is ready to open, then, we continue our support as you develop enrollment.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      No, you can hire instructors who are trained in the various music and arts that are available in your local studio. Many of our owners will act as the General Manager overseeing day-to-day operations; some will also teach classes and run a variety of programs available.

      Yes. We believe many owners will operate multiple studios just as our founder, Magi Kapllani has since she opened in 2003.

      Yes, we have an extensive library of all class and program curriculums, from which your instructors can build their class plans – we are flexible to allow the creativity while following our model.

      Currently the initial investment for a new DEA Music & Art studio ranges from $135,000 to $213,900 including the $39,000 initial franchise fee. Other estimated costs include expenses to fit out your DEA Music & Art studio, 3rd party professional advisory fees, insurance and 3-months of working capital.

      Based on the initial startup estimates, we seek candidates who have $40,000 in liquid assets to invest and $100,000 in Net Worth.

      With our help to evaluate real estate, you will lease space in a storefront or free-standing center. We offer our step-by-step guidance to help fit out your DEA Music & Art studio and, in our experience, once a lease is signed, it can take as few as 2 to 3 months to open. During this time, you will attend training & start enrollment.

      Typically, you will have anywhere from 4 to 6 part-time instructors plus the office manager who could be the owner or one of the teachers.

      We will be able to share with you our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document which highlights affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the revenue potential for your studio(s).