Change lives through music & earn a living.

Hybrid Online + In Person
Music & Art School Franchise Opportunities

With our diverse business model and a passion for music & art, our franchisees change lives and earn a living at the same time! Teach from anywhere and gather at a local space. The possibilities are endless.

Why Us?

Why Now?

Academic Enrichment Industry Statistics

$ 0 Billion
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Pre-K - 12th grade students with no music class in school.

Our mission is to use the magic of Music & Art to make a meaningful lifelong impact on children’s lives.

Teach online or in person, rent a small space and perform at local venues! 

DEA News

Multiple departments for a versatile business
Teach online + In-person for a simpler lifestyle.

DEA Music & Art provides an assortment of programs that cover the fine arts. Musical instrument lessons, visual arts programs, musical theater and rock band programs! Rounding out our fine arts offering to students we have summer camp programs and any of our themes can be adapted to help celebrate and host kid’s parties too!

Meet The Founder

Magi Kapllani

Born into a family of musicians and composers, my love for music blossomed at a young age. The same age of students we at DEA hope to inspire. My business began with one studio in Staten Island and steadily grew.

I now care for three locations and each of my studios is home to creativity and passion. I want to help others who are ready lead their instructors to teach children around the country the importance of music and art. This form of education is fundamental  for children’s development

Whether playing in front of twenty or three thousand people, performing prepares a child to take on the battles of real life, giving them the confidence to be leaders and face things they never dared to before. Together with my talented and dedicated staff at DEA Music and Art school, our aim is to spread this concept far and wide.

Territories Available Across The US + Teach From Anywhere.

      Programs that keep kids engaged & involved all year Long.

      Programs such as:


      Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Rock Band & More!


      Calling All Young Stars!

      Visual Arts

      For The Young Picasso!

      Our Philosophy

      Music is the only word pronounced the same way around the globe. It is a universal language that explores emotions that transcend cultural background, religion, and race, reaching into the deepest parts of the human soul. The visual arts invite us to see the world through many eyes, to challenge the difference between right and wrong, good and bad and they relate the future to the past through the present.
      Music and art question the way we look at the world; because they offer different explanations of that world. This enriched living experience is what DEA instructors teach in classrooms.

      DEA Music & Art studios are run by musicians and artists who have dedicated their lives to music and the arts, actively performing, exhibiting and teaching. Each and every student in our care benefits from tailor made music and art instruction that meets all the aspirations as well as carefully constructed performing and exhibiting platforms to help with that extra ingredient much needed in life, confidence. Through music and art, our students achieve life goals, such as public speaking skills, confidence and high self-esteem.

      Our owners ensure that the time spent with DEA is filled with new and useful learning experiences. Our students are the future and the next generation of listeners, artists and musicians, so acquainting them with networks of music and art is a central focus of our work at the school.

      Experiences that set us apart from the competition

      We’re unique in our ability to give our students experiences and performances that will leave a lasting impression on them.

      National anthem performances, Yearly Radio City shows before the Rockettes, Recitals, Fundraisers, Exams, Competitions, Local Community Events, Holidays and more!