Why open your very own DEA Music & Art school? Why now?

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With our versatile business model and low startup costs, DEA Music & Art school is a groundbreaking new business venture for many. Music & Art school franchise owners get to live the music and art lifestyle!

Why Us?

Simple & Versatile Business

Our business model is simple with many revenue paths provided by an assortment of fine arts programs. 

Musical instrument lessons, visual arts programs, musical theater, and rock band programs! Rounding out our fine arts offering to students we have summer camp programs and any of our themes can be adapted to help celebrate and host kid’s parties too.

Low Startup Costs

With average startup costs of ~$150,000, our school’s startup costs are much less than other options. Owners can teach remotely and rent a space for public performances and in-person lessons. For more information visit our costs page.

No Competition

Our music & art schools have something for everyone. Whether a customer is looking to learn with remote or in-person classes, wants spectacular performances and even birthday parties (depending on location), we’ve got the perfect program just waiting! It’s hard for other extra circular music schools to compete as most focus on one main program. No one does music & art like us.

Why Now?

Extreme Demand & Extra Circulars Being Cut From School

There are currently 3.8 million children in the United States who do not have music or art classes at school, as school districts continue to cut funding. On top of that, parents spend $23 billion each year to enroll their kids in these programs. Music education is more popular than ever before due to these funding cuts.

A New Career Path For Many

With recent events a lot of people are leaving their jobs and searching for a new career path. For lovers of music, children or someone looking to be hands off in life while still making money makes DEA Music & Art a perfect fit for many!

Come Join Our Team!

Having a Music & Art school is a rewarding business opportunity that can take your life to the next level. Not only will you have career satisfaction but also satisfaction in knowing you are helping families and their children grow! With Music & Arts growing popularity, now is the right time to enter this franchise as it will be easier than ever to reach success.

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